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Apples to Apples? Not Really. Did you know that some zinc wheel weights are 20% lighter than they should be? Steel Wins! Lab tests prove it.

Coats® ProRide® Diagnostic
Wheel Balancers

  • Combines superior ride management with easy-to-use operation to deliver increased productivity and a higher quality balance.
  • Features touchless radial runout diagnostics, to quickly identify troublesome tires and wheels.
  • Fast enough cycle time to use diagnostics on every assembly.

The Coats® EL-X™ Express
Lane Inflation System

  • Provides up to 20% time savings on a 4-tire ticket vs. conventional inflation process.
  • Digital inflation system delivers fast and accurate results.
  • Enables faster bay turns and reduced customer wait times.

BADA® Steel Wheel Weights

  • BADA® has taken a leadership position in the transition to the most environmentally friendly alternative to lead weights: steel.
  • BADA’s comprehensive line of steel weights is the most reliable and cost-effective choice.
  • Superior quality and the best overall fit.
  • Used by many of the nation’s leading tire retailers and vehicle manufacturers.

Coats® Leverless Tire Changer

  • Leverless capability on our most popular line of tire changers
  • Upgraded Rim Clamp® Chassis.
  • Advanced Clamp Positioning allowing for greater control.
  • Leverless Bead Lifter eliminating traditional tire tools that can mar the wheel surface.

AMMCO® 4000E Brake Lathe

  • First brake lathe with an integrated, synchronous gearbox and shifter.
  • Choose the speed that makes the most sense for your work piece, right at your fingertips.
  • Get the highest possible quality finish available with digitally controlled feed rates.
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About Hennessy Industries, Inc.

With facilities in the U.S., Canada and China, Hennessy Industries is one of the world’s foremost aftermarket manufacturers of wheel-service equipment. Hennessy designs, builds and markets equipment, accessories and consumables under four renowned brand names:

The Coats® Tire Changer and Wheel Balancing Machines continue to lead the way in shops across the world, with models for every application. Whether car, truck, motorcycle, or heavy duty application, Coats® offers the right equipment for the job.

The BaseLine® Tire Changer and BaseLine® Wheel Balancer represent the newest line from Hennessy, offering low volume shops an affordable way to offer dependable tire changing and wheel balancing services.

AMMCO® Brake Lathes are available as combination lathes or dedicated rotor/drum lathes for every possible application. As a leader in the brake lathe market, AMMCO® continues to provide top quality and dependable equipment to shops of all sizes.

BADA® leads the industry in Wheel Weights, with a full selection of steel Wheel Weights, lead wheel weights clip-on, and adhesive Wheel Weights for every vehicle type including cars, small and large trucks, and motorcycles.

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